Indian Pharmacist Association: National Level Association formed for Pharmacist

Monday, June 13, 2011. Indian Pharmacist Association (IPA), a national level association has been formed with registration No.1378. The association has been formed with an aim to promote unity among the Pharmacists of India.
The association has been formed with following objectives -
1. To register the presence of Pharmacist at national level.
2. To make Pharmacy profession a reputed one.
3. To abolish the word Compounder from India. Because a person who dispenses a medicine is a ‘Pharmacist’ and not a compounder.
4. To persuade UPSC for accepting Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Science as optional paper for Civil Services Examination.
5. To keep Pharmacist abreast of the latest development of profession.
6. To motivate and to educate the Pharmacists for Patient Counseling.
7. To persuade the matter of discrimination in pay-scale of Pharmacist working in government and private sector.
8. To persuade with government with the grant of NPA and PCA to Pharmacist as they are the only professionals other than doctors in the field of health care system in India.
The IPA’s aim is to gain reputation in both public and in Indian health system. It has been felt by founders of association that representation of Pharmacists is missing at national level and they were ignored completely.
Association demand that due weightage be given to Pharmacist in Indian health system because Dispensing is the final step in therapeutics process and the success to curative process depends on quality of dispensing practice.
For more information contact
Abhay Kumar Bhupendra Kumar
President General Secretary
Ph: 9474248383 Ph: 9910275976